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What have they done to the next generation of Evo?!!!!!!! #ultimatecry #mitsubishi #WHYYY

maybe no duck face, but here's donald duck. #epicwin

This little guy is so cute (ツ)

Wonder how much this is worth nowadays

My first successful spaghetti carbonara! Hurrah!

Not sure if been jump roping for 499 times or 599 but one thing's for sure, Im sweating like niagara

This over rated rainbow cake tastes so gay.. I.. Uh.. Mean... Good! Gay means good right?

Am I the only one here, who doesn't eat nutella with bread?!

There is a cat in this restaurant! And the people here are awesome enough to leave it here!

Really good cookies and cream korean ice cream

All these korean or chinese or whatever ice cream is turning me in to HELP! #stomache

You know for sure an indonesian did this meme. #trusgwharusbilangwow

not sure if nelsons laugh, or sarcastic laugh

The ideal shopping cart for your pet cat and or rabbit

When you accidentally deleted your rpg save data that you spent 300 hours on. :'(

Found a really awesome fail.

Just saw this! HAHAH! HILARIOUS!

Her reaction on me singing whitney houstons I will always love you HAHAH!