Kevin Mclean


Co-founder and creator of Tinkatolli, a new, unique and totally epic virtual world. I am also a father of three and a friend of Tinkinja.

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I LOVE this bug on

OMG!! jumped!!!

Last night we poured the final 10 liters of water on the icy halfpipe. So excited for the kids to try it :D

NOOOOO!!!!! Tinkinja was beaten by a frog! He is terribly embarrassed now :)

hiding like a ninja :P

Check this out! and hiding like ninjas in Canopia. Can you spot them? (you need to look close)

LOL! Konrad Is getting all experimental with Objective C! Poor Tinka :D

it was a mandala coloring night at the McLean house last night.



here is one I'll upload a short video later.

Woot! I found Tinkinja!

I'm quite proud of this pic of Luke and Pennie on the bus.

I like this one

Are there snakes?


is here for a visit

By the end of the day, we were here, which is the closest ancestor of the modern day Tinka

Here are some of the changes they went through during the day.

A major evolutionary jump occurred on Sep 8, 2008. The Tinkas started the day looking like this -

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