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Not sure if I like iPad virtual faders but it's still 10 times better than the mouse! #needacontrolsurface

You don't see it happen often that Apple uses some bad stock photo on their site (a mid-tower pc case):


Another good shot #asymconf

Finally #asymconf is now in sync! Ready for editing.

First Video Frame grab - Horace in action at #asymconf - What the 3 iPads looks like from his side.

Virtualized my Router last night, and I am impressed, only if i could get even half this during peek times.

I do admit this makes me trust a tiny bit more. Still not sold but we will see how it works out.

Work has begun!

Work has begun!

My childhood home burnt down today!

New Connection is UP!

Got my new ID today, a nice before and after...

500 pages into another tech book today. Line of the day: CDS Security Model - The Castle Defense System no joke:

The lab server console screen I am using today

Car wash done!

My amazon direct deposit payment of the week

the things we do to play #escapevelocity classic

Why does the Mac App store window feel like there is a UX/Design fail on the left hand side? Just does not feel right

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