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So, and I had a big chat about how we're going to do BOLDLY GONE and it's going to look SO GOOD.

Here's a Garfield comic strip generator:

A reminder that I'm DJing at the usual place this Friday.

Rick Ross wears a necklace of Rick Ross wearing a necklace of Rick Ross.


The best "joke" account ever.

Okay, Netflix.

REAL TALK: 46 years ago today, we lost the crew of Apollo 1 on the pad during a plugs-out test.

30 Rock, I love you. I will miss you.

look at this little smug-ass vulcan

I liked this bit. This bit was good.

FIre at Will!

Remember when the cast of SEINFELD stole a car in Gotham City?

LOCALS: is NOT charging for New Year's Eve. Hear me play records FREE. #boston #cambridge

I love Devil's Attorney for the iPad.