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Nightmare fuel: Tobey Maguire's O Face

Best thing about running a popular Trek blog is the usernames people come up with.

Are you kidding me, T-Mobile?

Good Job, Bing Dot Com.

My one real goal is to include on stealth LCD Soundsystem reference in every script going forward.

Just got this photo from a friend visiting the UK. They know what makes me laugh.

Writing break.


Never not funny.

Facebook getting pushy about what movies I like. It ain't your business, bro.


Kirby predicts life in 2040; doesn't seem that far off.

Friday, June 7 is the last time Disco Potential will host at night at River Gods in Cambridge, MA.

Enjoy any activity.

Hey, locals who like good dance music and alcohol. I am playing records Friday night at .


Depeche Mode fans are scary, scary, scary people.

A perfect comics page.

Oh, here's a nice bit from the COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS comic prequel. HINT: they survive.

AW, KITTY, no!