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My tweets are normally about the Dodgers, my dog Hank, or California, are often nonsense, & are always my own views.

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Why is spaghetti squash so tasty?

This is my last schnitzel feast in Austria. I believe in balance and enjoying travel, but 10 schnitzels is enough.

Gov had a great AMA today ... And drew them a new logo.

Great crowd for #TheLastStand premiere.

People who say cooking takes too long... 30 minutes from walking through the door to this grilled feast.

he's waiting...

Gym was closed, today's workout was niece push-ups. She actually enjoyed, & six year olds are heavier than you realize.

Like most dog owners, I wanted to know what Hank does when he is alone. So I bought a wifi camera to watch him today.

Rebuttal attached “: .. except . I've seen thicker mustaches..”

Our #movember team ( & ) is leading the charge to the 70s. Take a min & donate. http://us.movember.com/team/914413

Oh no. We just acquired this. I foresee a lot of midnight challenges.

At a cowboy wedding. Just spotted this. NEED IT NOW.

These are my new favorite post-workout carbs. Yes, I'm an infant.

Is there a time that #wouldsmash becomes #hulksmash ? I think it happened during the workout you missed.

In case you run for an hour to sweat, presenting my dumb sweaty face after 25 min of SuperHero Workout.

Hey guys, you're missing the appetizer

This is the power of 15 minutes of fetch. It also should give pause to anyone who might ride shotgun in my car.

Strangers like to stop me to ask who is walking whom. Every day. I think they assume I will be embarrassed.

“No time for training, let’s just do some quick cardio.” #doingitwrong

The office today

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