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behold my screen saver for today! Enjoy your day and fab shiny attire u got there!!

- one more time, weep like I have. Shoot me if you see me in rubber shoes.

What I would do for this Gucci shoes!!! *wails* lawd gimme strenf!!b

Apparently there's a billboard on ngong road of this same boolsheet! Can't believe! I need evidence!

Someone ought to get fired for this boolsheet! What is this now? #rhetoricalquestion

Shoes that just annoy me. What kind of madness is this.....? #badcolourforsandals

- this is the ONLY reason I like Jessica Simpson. Her shoes on me feet today...

Maiko Sonko in today's Standard. It is so damn difficult to take this P-Diddy wannabe seriously. Nkt

Guess what is Nurse Lora being told. 20k pap! #SAINTS

if u guess why this nurse is pissed 10k pap! #SAINTS cc:

These two for sure are not #SAINTS. 1000 bob if guess what this two are doing or about to do. #mpesa

This particular doctor, is she a #SAINT ama tu ni vituko bure? Ya'll better watch and see....

Ehhh yeah, so these are some of the Doctors (and Nurse) on SAINTS. Coming soon....haki ya nani!

Yeah....so like I was saying SAINTS, coming soon, nini nini.......

So it appears SAINTS is coming soon to a TV near you...... Tafadhali tu ya'll! #asyouwere

Anyhoo, so like you chicas read this column on today's standard (pg 4, Instinct) and get edumacated.

A shot from my medical drama SAINTS. I dig this shot. Power of a

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Ruto's Facebook Status!

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SAINTS that ka television show of mine is being shot 90% on a steadicam and a Canon D7 small machine but great picture

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