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Snow covered Spring Break atop #LookoutMt at the W home..Shouldn't there be sunshine and buttercups?

2 amazingly beautiful girls!2 generations of perfection

Beautiful morning

Our new baby kitten..#HeyJack ..actually the boys want to name him #Si.. were undecided..(but he comes 2

How we've spent our morning.. think my baby likes seeing me rock the bring it zombies or robbers.

Mr Artistic... With a personality that will take him places in this world.#Love

our beautiful daughter, with an amazing heart and wonderful soul she makes us proud everyday #Love

still has angelic "baby" face when he sleeps..Aww..acts like grown man but will nuzzle n a heartbeat.#Love

This makes Everyday good!#Kisses

omg turned out amazing..little sweet,little salty,a lot awesome! Crispy(Cornflake)CoconutChickenStrips

just a few of our sons awesome #sketches .. knew you loved these so he let me post. Love you!

Now I'm ready. a break to help me remember that yes,there will always b ignorance but the best action is no reaction

Just one of the amazing views just sitting at a stop sign atop #LookoutMt .. love Fairyland,a true #Fairytale town

My sis did this 4 senior project when in school!#FamilyOfArtist wish I had my old drawings,part of moving a lot tho:(

(Lost some detail w/ flash) our little boys winning pencil sketch!Yippie 4 JUstys Chickamauga show n April

As we enter this day,both feet full speed ahead..take a moment 2 stop,remember what's important (&what's not so much)

My emergency dinner #Payday ..protein for the girl on the go!lol

In several places we got about an inch 1/2 snow!#LookoutMt love it,great day to stay n with a hot coffee & great meal

Giant #Georgia cookie daddy&Justy made for school!They did great..hopefully a little will b brought back home,Yum,lol

Freezing and dropping quickly