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valid member of the shwaaan trio :) appreciate the little things, Hug a midget :)

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look what mammy jean got me!! :) :)

as in mc flurries? :/

unfunfa only starting a new trend #SummerWardrobe2013

well don't i feel loved! viber u have a special place my heart <3

me and unfunfa rocking the same shorts cause we're that cool! #IrishTwinsOnTheExtreme :))

Why you lie??? clearly lashing out :/ #Can'tTrustTechnology

im such a sore loser! fb name has to be changed to "Kellie smells Doyle" #HasARingToIt #DarnBets #GoTeamShwaaan

instlaly thought of u when i cn this and had a good giggle to myself :)

bit too much back comb :/ #muscles

shwaaan check out what jean brought me back from holidays ...

right this is now my wallpaper on my phone #motivation #liveinhope

my knitting skill aren't what they use to be haha

unfunfa surprising us with tickets for ne-yo :) :) can't wait :) #LilStar

i found twin! chilling in the ivy,only difference is oul Paul doesn't wax his eyebrows :p

saw this and thought of u :) i wonder why :p

Ryan was shwaaanin with his friend last night! #Shwaaantastic #Legend #LovingShwaaan

ur pressies under the tree shwaaan <3

ur pressies under the tree shwaaan <3

Boom bitches! Boom! gots my tickets in the post today :) #TooExcited!!! :D

saw this and thought of you #LovingTheTash ;)

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