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This whole thing is glorious.

Steals my clothes and then walks around the house wearing them like a cape #SuperKira

Tryin’ to eat some carrot, here! (Amazed that Lizzy has learned to just ignore Kira, despite sniffing and patting)

Alyssa’s boyfriend wrote a book for her.

Alyssa’s boyfriend wrote a book for her.

Super excited that this place has opened!!

Fresh computer!

Sure, she looks all calm and peaceful. We know better.

I think she’s embarrassed at having just used the cat door to enter the laundry…

Someone snuck up and left this beside me while I was making her school lunch

And here’s the pic I was trying to take. A few seconds later, after flash turned off

I accidentally blinded my cat. Forgot the flash was on!

Late night adventures in “breakfast in bed”, because she spent the morning puking, and is now starving

Yep. She is so mine. Apart from the sleeping with the eyes open thing…

Be vewy vewy qwiet. I’m hunting cat

Way too cold for this type of shenanigans!

Whoever opted to put hedging plants in the way of this view was an idiot. #AtTheBeachShack

We’ve been writing limericks

Book week dress up parade. Alyssa is Arwen from The Lord Of The Rings. I forgot to order the necklace!!

Bookcase cat