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da's dan weer wel knap. Zeg, heb ik een probleem? Ben ik eenkennig?

allebei blauw én zon in ieder geval, win-win!

De eerste volgende social media slideshare die ik zie met dít plaatje... krijgt klop :o)

Voor de FB'ers, na #Egypte even een heads up en oproep voor/namens #Iran:

Dear Friends,
As you probably know the situation that happened in Egypt. There will be some thing similar going on for Iran.

The Iranian people will stand once again, for there Rights.

The results of course we never know, but i can NOT just sit and do i am asking you people to change your profile pictures jus for 3 day to this pic. just to show that the world is really means a lot to us.

We want the same rights as every other human being.

Freedom of speech and the basic human rights which is already neglected in Iran.
14 february is the big day!

So from today till then, i ask you to change ur profile pictures to this.
and it would be great if you could also put this on your status: if I rise,if you rise,they all will rise!

Thank you people in advanced
this is the least we can do for people who were killed and will be killed for peace and freedom!