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Wearer of the following hats: scientist @mdibl (DNA barcoding/citizen sci), co-founder/director @beagleproject, outdoorswoman, astronaut hopeful, feminist, wool

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I took another ‘hand selfie’ to support #5worksforME. Also see: #manicuremonday. *grins*

My favorite #5worksforME hand selfie so far, by my colleague Ashley.

Here’s my hand selfie in support of #5worksforME, w/ the view from the new lab that will be built if it’s successful!

A simplified food web for the Northwest Atlantic (Figure by Prof. David Lavigne)

What’s trending in Scotland right now is, with the exception of iOS 8, pretty timeless. (What’s with ‘YES and NO’?)

“700 middle school girls [from Islamabad]…raised their hands at the end when asked…if they wanted to pursue STEM.”

I’m rather proud of this pic of me showing pics from to rural K-2 kiddos in my work w/ :

I also said cantaloupes come from cantaloupe factories. Here I am at abt the age I said this stuff.

The 2nd stanza of ’s poem on sexism in science gives eloquent voice to #ripplesofdoubt https://t.co/QSW3HSolt6

Some science ads are just… weird.

Power shot of Serena Williams by Andrew Ong. http://bit.ly/1q3rXFa

Loving the Althea Gibson Google doodle.

You are FAST.

It’s a small thing, but it makes me happy that Gene Codes portrays the scientist in their Sequencher ad as a woman.

3/3 Long story short… we made these t-shirts. cc

3/3 Long story short… we made these t-shirts. cc


Sweet! Can the juju do something about this please?

Cat, trees, telescope