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Love CW. When 60th edition arrived, I reread. It surprises me each time.

Buttonwillow Rest Stop. San Francisco 252 miles. Los Angeles 112 miles. Las Vegas 330 miles. Orchards. Birds. Roses.

In an unfamiliar Greek restaurant on Fillmore Street in SF. That is my tiny, forlorn head amid the draft beer taps.

Having a glass of Prosecco.

My Gauloises pack nestled among my cards.

Good Morning. My dad—1911-2000—was a ham. Now silent key. Photo of him at 80 adjusting his antenna.

To this today. (I'm not used to being among so many trees, and at tree height; I marvel.) xo.

To this on 21 March.

My #FridayReads is the extraordinarily talented 's THIS CLOSE.

Named Silicon Valley software release I oversaw as Communications Dir. GV. I made t-shirts.

Forgot to include the M. g. Intermedia (wild turkey found in these parts) member photo.

Hello! Thank you for the #FF. The weather is coolly beautiful after a couple of days of sorely needed rain.

Hello! Thank you for the #FF. The weather is cooly beautiful after a couple of days of sorely needed rain.

A member of an M. g. intermedia posse (crop/dole/gang/raffle) that regularly gobbles by the house where I am staying.

White Casablanca lilies blooming—fragrantly—in my room.

A promise of spring out my window.

The sunset sky out my window is egg-yolk yellow, lavender, pink above the white-blossomed spring trees.

Happy 21 to my beloved niece and goddaughter . You are perfect. Your dad would be so proud of you. xo.

Wonderful compliment. Hope so. My mom's Irish freckles lurk. He looked handsomely Am. Indian when young.

5. Old photographs: The love I shared with people who have died is within me and in photographs. (My dad and me.)