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Maybe you should take the tag out of the waterbottle before you put something in it

Pretty sisters :)

Hahhaah if she could, she would kill me.


Hairdressing in Spanish. #ishouldgoprofessional

Le off to her first high school dance #lilbaby

Hahaha me and my dad's conversations are not normal

Welcome to the world:)

LMFAO at sarah's change #justgettingthatmessageout

Just chunkin around

Be a little more excited about trixy! #whataweiner

look what just arrived at my house

Only $2 in the tank LOLOL

Oh. Ok.

look it's like OTH! maybe luke's there. #obsessed

Everyone cross your fingers and toes and hopefully they won't clean this up anytime soon

Prize winning pumpkin! #hollahhhh

Why am I allowing this to happen?

Why am I allowing this to happen

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