All the kids at camp call me stinky

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This made me love Katz's even more. Puuuuuuuulllmaaaaannn!!

New York! So fancy!

New York! So fancy!

Is there a city left in this country -- or world, now -- that doesn't have this exhibition?

Every time I see this store, I add "Luke" to the end

Here's how you know Robuchon is a quality establishment; the plates look like the A-Team van

I can see The Green Goblin's house from my room!

I'm enjoying all the east coast beers that don't ship out west. This one, though, could wake the dead:

Cookies and beer in Rhode Island. It ain't Paris, but it's pretty great

My kite destroys your kite

Atkins vs robot hand!

Did they just improve perfection?

Cap'n Sig from Deadliest Catch making fun of me for being a "Dutch girl" of a drinker:

Just about a year after shooting the pilot here, were back at Birmingham HS

I was too chicken s to open my flannel to reveal this homemade shirt during post table notes:

Waffle, bathroom, nap. That order.

5... 4.... 3... 2... 1.... and, collapse

Arnold in the writers' room:

And another dream has been accomplished!

Bad case of end-of-season hair: