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Lets try that again: do I keep or return the cutoffs?

Be brutally honest: am I too old/no longer Floridian enough to wear these cutoffs?

The age old question: do I get the eggs or the pancakes?

Headshot or mugshot, ?

Obviously when you book an afternoon flight back to get some extra morning beach time, the Florida gods make this happen.

So obsessed with this sunscreen...and these shades

Thinking about sharks-->dolphins-->jersey shore-->"porpoises are the cancer dolphins"--

I made it.

My day just got a little brighter! cc:

Just a little mid-Monday chat with Alber Elbaz. #alberathearst

Awesome dinner . SO full, but SO delicious!

real suburban let me tell ya. Also, note the sunlight. http://twitpic.com/cbwlli

real suburban let me tell ya. Also, note the sunlight.

Ran away to California (and quickly found some hipsters, ). See ya on Tuesday, NYC.

This guy is the best medicine though

I hid my cashmere socks from Benjamin Franklin so well, I can't find the matches to these for the life of me.

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Cc:

I did a bad bad thing. The blizzard made me do it.

Hey would it have been too much to ask that the garbage got picked up before the snow?

Hot date tonight

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