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Princess Hyperbole, Nemisis of Fun. I 3 eclipses, emoticons & saying hi. ...teaching, movie-ing, Hamburger Bed-ing , and www.loungegeeks.com -ing

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here's a picture with 5 legs

I love puppy time ... But deezen may love it more. <3<3<3

... umm mum mum... ! He's making fun of the geek technique i'm working on!!

The amazing and me and our attack the block hats . Trust.

"Best Fwends holding hands" on the all new gluten free vegan chocolate walnut option for !

The Piranhas 3D cookie is 3D-er when you use your ChromaDepth glasses!

Happy dog with huge bone

Then i bought uncontaminated kitchen things for gluten free vegan cookies

Today i ate meat . Maybe half a cow.

Today i ate meat . Maybe half a cow.

My first truly off day off in a month! My room shall be tidied, lawn mowed. And plenty of puppy time.

Burger bed progress: top bun (needs 2 more body pillows ) ... Sesame seeds, tomatos and pickles tomorrow :-)

Burger bed progress: lettuce makes burgers count as a vegetable right?

Burger bed progress: so cheesy

Burger bed progress: do you think catsup is jealous no one finds it to be a special sauce?

Burger bed progress : you wish you could have my meat

Burger bed...Here's when it starts to go faster. #THANKGOODNESS

i send you some of my sunshine

Oooo yummy gingerbread marshmallow!!!

A picture for the lovely