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they love to tell you stay inside the lines. but something's better on the other side. ΚΚΓ.

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Typical sunday morning at ford.

Yayyyaaya is visiting

This made my morning a tad better. DMB really is coming!!!

I've had a lot of embarrassing moments this year but falling in front of a party and breaking my shoe might be #1

Out with my red hot valentine

And because is visiting I will finally clean the jungle I call room 382...

This picture alone will get me through chem lecture

's high school job.... this is not a joke.

Best decision I've made all day


Roomie Love


The queen on her throne in 187

Jogger. Logger. . .

We got the new Michelle Kwon on our hands... #asia #kappakappaiceskating

Frat boys if you're looking for a wife.... is your girl. #TSM #mommy

PC 11 rollin deep tonight.

Gonna miss my number one homegirl while im at school

That would be and yelling at me to get my fat ass up and go down. But I refuse.

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