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Producer/SheJay for @crystalvsn from OKCity @Roboticwed/@Robotictulsa resident/crew member Radio Show Host for @SPYLAB on @thespyfm Katiewicks@thespyfm.com

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aaaand into the sea of drunken sweat I gooooooo

and a Durrr

this is what I see when I see Raver girls: (once seen, you cannot unsee)

poor guy

a product that breeds a question

someone posing as me but under the name leesa Anderson?! what's the deal with people

bath ninja (SFW)

my cat is judging you two

setting up the Funktion 1 sound system! according to , "it looks like the future!"

sum people at starbucks were sayin my name before they left took me a minute to realize how they all knew my name

studio critic doesn't know what to think

I'm always needin new Swagmo!!! thanks !!! #Swagstradamus

haha OLD picture of me in my favorite "Meme" of all time shirt #NEDM

I can't just keep these all to myself. seriously. I hafto get thru my set atleast




example: Rofl

snuggle party!

I wanna meet the asshole designer that thinks this was a logical design for opening in the shower. #impossible