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What the French call les incompétents.

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The Urban Birder sounds like a spinoff from The Rural Juror franchise

I am selling this nice desk. £25. If you want it, let me know.

I find myself owner of not one, not two, but three BlackBerry tie pins. Devastated that I have no ties to pin.

My favourite sausage so far:

Good Friday.

Looks like a good read

Celebratory Paralympic crocodile

I’d rather be on that train

Got a bit of dog on me

On the plus side, she has provided the best biscuits, which is really what I come here for.

Bit ominous

Went to my favourite cinema again. It was good again. Think I'll go again tomorrow.

Think this person might be confused about who I am.

This is how many hair grips were holding my Winehouse-diculous hair together yesterday. Good job Magneto wasn't around.

did you see this one? It doesn't really do justice to the hilarity I'm afraid.

This is happening.

Play I should be so lucky

Siamese mushroom. Wonder what'd happen if Mario ate it.

taking it a bit far now:

Tree Of Life has aural ideas above its station