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It will be a shame if anyone ever says I lived a quiet life.

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#firstdatelive You can't handle the cute.

Oh, he's good. He's very good. #firstdatelive

#firstdatelive He looks pretty happy to be here with me, don't you think?

#firstdatelive Doesnt do it justice, but this steak and potatoes is divine: favorite meal! How did he know?

The Birthdaytern celebrations continue! #interns #RUFstafftraining #bday23

East coast, west coast, Wyoming coast. #nogasstationinsight

A bit quixotic, wouldn't you say? #kansas

If you can't read this, the sign says "Idahome Road" and it may possibly be the best thing about Idaho. #puntastic

In HS I swore that listening to this mix would make you fall in love. I think it works, Andrew keeps makin eyes at me.

Hour 17 of cross-America road trip means getting creative with backseat sleeping arrangements

"To get the space needle in the.picture I need to be shorter!" - me #Folklife

With my girl at RUFSuCo #love

With my girl at RUFSuCo #love

I'm on to you, Dippin' Dots. Ice cream of the future? More like ice cream of the weather. #whatthehail

This is #robotics #gametime

You see: convict escaping with a chest of cash. I see: robotics team member bringing kool-aid to his friends #robotics

#Youknowyou'reworkingwithnerdswhen someone brought their Segway along just for kicks #robotics

Uhhhhh I shopped........... #firstworldproblems

Christmastime at the Space Needle

The SECOND beautiful cake I've gotten to enjoy this week! #happybirthdaytome #funfetti

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