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katie cook: action packed cartoonist and writer with nerdy passions... creator of the Gronk webcomic. Sandwich enthusiast.

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it is!

Pinterest the possibilities of this damaged piece of tile in the half bath

Delight in this picture of the control box for the house's back-up generator

Finally having a closing date and time for next week makes me so damn happy. Enjoy a picture of our soon-to-be driveway

ryan will have a big pole barn to turn into his man cave. this is my planned decorating scheme for THAT monster

Playing around with color schemes/flooring options for the future studio space. (this is so much fun to plan)

MLP 1 and the pre-orders for 2-4 are all in the top 25 in the comics area on iTunes

cartoon: a toddler's reaction to "wonder pets"… i assume this is what she's muttering about.

toddler talk

trying my hand at manga studio… i have NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING. HELP. best tutorials?

Folks ask me for it after I post about it, so I shall share the recipe for my mom's choc. chip pie after Thanksgiving.

Here is a doodle of my toddler saying a word I assume she learned watching "Wonder Pets". That turtle is a potty mouth

Facebook makes me take a deep look at myself. I hate it.

It totally looks like a tiny submarine, right? I'm not alone in this?

on this day in 2003, i found this lil' runt of a thing on the street… she's been my best bud ever since.

Bunnies on mah' feet

Oscar doesn't think much of any of us

and I have a 1 page story in today's new AvX (#6 of 6) http://twitpic.com/b0rkgx

and I have a 1 page story in today's new AvX (#6 of 6)

Potential house... The driveway.