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katie cook: action packed cartoonist and writer with nerdy passions... creator of the Gronk webcomic. Sandwich enthusiast.

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This bit from MLP # 9 is mostly for . The issue officially comes out tomorrow! #spoiler

Andy's cover for MLP 12.
Note we have turned Shining Armor into a NERD for his teen self. THERE.NOW I LIKE HIM MORE.

it's 's birthday! Enjoy this insanely stupid Harry Potter themed b-day card I made him.

Brace yourselves. A new cat book is coming.

…And this fat squirrel on my porch wants to know where I keep the cashews. (MAN. that's an obese squirrel)

...While Indy wants you to know that she can shake on command.

iPod wants you to know there's a new gronk comic you should be reading. http://www.gronkcomic.com

Sneak Peek! The cover for Gronk volume 3... have some tweaking to do, but ta da:

Also, the fact that I now HAVE a wiki page just makes me feel like a somebody ala The Jerk. My standards are low.

I had 2 of these old lamps that had seen better days (bottoms were corroding) bondo, sanding and some paint later...

Had this conversation at G's daycare this morning.

blast from the past: enjoy this picture of iPod from when she was an itty bitty kitty

going through some stupid doodles I did of G:

When I'm working and my hands get cold, I shove them under the nearest cat for a few minutes. Warms 'em right up.

for comparison, this is what the basement looked like when we moved in

My ode to Pinterest for the 3 ladies out there who enjoy references to "As Good as it Gets" and Pinterest.

The wood stove in the pole barn… which I assume is where the husband slept during the whole divorce/home selling feud

here's Ryan's new room in the new house.

say hello to the spider that was in the laundry room the day we had the house inspected

say hello to the view from the 700+ square foot walk-out basement that is about to become my studio's new home!