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Prayers & Children (story from Paulo Coelho's Blog; comments: Helen & Marie-Christine; picture: Ken Crane

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stacking wood .... Alistaire Heseltine

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So True, so beautiful! I decided that if I could paint that flower in a huge scale, you could not ignore its beauty. -Georgia O'Keeffe

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The piglet is one day old and crippled. The mother had more babies than nipples to feed them. The farmer talked about putting this one out of its misery but decided to let some Swazi orphan children take care of it and feed it with a bottle instead. Now the little pig has grown big and strong!
—Caption by Amanda Kopp

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Taal Volcano in the Philippines. an island in an island.

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Iditarod 2011 starts this saturday. it is the second long distance mushing race (over 1000 miles) taking place each year in Alaska. The map shows the the route. this is mushing in the wilderness, mountains, woods, tundra, beach, Behring Sea. & away from the road system. all small villages & checkpoints can only be reached via air plane.

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we have in the milky way left-overs from eaten-up galaxies

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Eagle summit, a fairly steep hill that the YQ mushers need to tackle. this picture shows Martin Buser in YQ 2009 going up with his team. it can be a stop & go.

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This is how people often think that a sled dog has to look like. this is a (rare) team of pure bred Siberian Huskies belonging to MIke Ellis (YQ Dawson City)

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another beauty

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Another Alaskan Husky dog, takes a resr between 2 runs. looks fairly well rested: clear eyes & looking at something
(Pelly Crossing dog yard, YK 2011)

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Alaskan Husky (Sled) dog: floppy ears

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Just to show some typical pictures of the Alaskan Husky, a mutt: blue eye - brown eye

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checkpoints have several functions in long distance mushing: to pick up food for mushers & dogs& other necessary things (clothes, more booties for the dogs, fuel to make a fire in the wilderness, straw for the dogs). also dogs get veterinarien check-ups, dogs can be dropped when vet or musher think it is best for it. also, mushers need to register in checkpoints.
teams can rest there. sometimes, mushers just register, may get their dogs checked & then leave. often they then camp with the dogs outside of checkpoint. this can mean: camping at night in the wilderness with a fire, a good sleeping back & .... the sky with the stars is the roof

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Currently, temperatures can vary between -20F & lower & above zeros. Mushers must dress accordingly. This pic shows Brent Sass arriving in Pelly Crossing. He wears a kind of face mask, thus is must be cold. Mushers run days & nights & have their own rhythms of making breaks. often, they have a rhythm of 6 hrs run & 6 hours rest. rhythm of rests-runs depends also on the dogs.

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Hugh Neff in Pelly Crossing, Canada, with 13 dogs. This picture gives an impression that there is a "train" of dogs pulling the sled. Who has the power? The musher or the dogs? (On can see the headlight of the musher in the back that makes a kind of curve. (Yukon Quest 2011)

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Braeburn Northern lights during Yukon Quest.
whow! they are good.

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Yukon Quest Map

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I found this caricature by Ken Crane on his website......
a reminder that dreams need to go beyond our small "imprisoned" world.
& the mouse really watches the artist.

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