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Denali National Park, Alaska

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Fall in Denali National Park, Alaska

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researchers recently found that the feathers of the male peacock make sound that the human ear cannot perceive. long feathers make a different sound than the short ones. these sounds can be heard by the female and may have an influence on the mating ritual. this is the first reported observation of sound made and perceived by birds but not by human. :o)

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Thank you for this beautiful picture :o) <3

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This is a calendar that the Facebook group "Skipaholics" created with pictures of our cats & our FB posts. this calendar is available at:

profits from this sale will be donated to Big Cat Rescue, a nonprofit sanctuary that rescues wild cats that can be hold as pets in the USA.

For more information, see the picture above showing a detailed introduction to this calendar.

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Happy Halloween

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"The soul is the same in all living creatures,
although the body of each is different."

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I am collecting data on behavior in sled dogs to investigate whether I can measure their responses to positive situations in a realistic way.

You can help me with this by filling out a questionnaire. It will take about 30-40 minutes. Its link is below.

The data from this questionnaire will be compared with our data. In this way, we will find out how valid our data collection is. Results from this project will be reported on Twitter.

Thank you!


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Happy B-day , muah!

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Moose & Cat

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Dale Chihuly
(for example:

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He Who Hears Butterflies Laughing ...
Song by Novalis

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The day is done
the night has come
Dream of happiness
Yet to come

GOODNIGHT, folks! May the stars guide you through the night... ♥♥
By: Paws-sibilities

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Tree of Life close-up

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Tree of Life

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Another way of sexual reproduction in nature

As if the angler fish wasn’t strange enough, in order to reproduce the male attaches itself parasitically to the female by biting into her skin. The male then slowly dissolves losing its mouth, organs and brain until there is nothing left but its gonads!

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the longer I observe animals .... the more I find similarities between them & us ... so ... what IS the difference :o) ? :o)

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Paulo Coelho's Blog (6/20/11): The Chess Game; Picture by Ken Crane

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