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Book critic for New York Magazine; author of Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error; writer of sundry other things; cyclist; runner; etc.

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Every branch.

  • 917 days ago via site
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A Christmas Eve snowfall, looking credibly and beautifully like a galaxy:

  • 920 days ago via site
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The cover of the last print issue of Newsweek. Sly, stark, and says it all.

  • 921 days ago via site
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FYI, here's a chart explaining the absolutely certain, totally inevitable end of the world. In 1844.

  • 924 days ago via site
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After 9 months of limbo, some very happy news: new owners notwithstanding, I can keep living in my paradise home.

  • 926 days ago via site
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Oops. Just did this. Do I 1) replace; 2) keep (it works); 3) break down & get an iPhone? cc

  • 938 days ago via site
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Not actually a birthday present. Just a friend's recent acquisition on loan to play in the woods. But next year...

  • 940 days ago via site
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Two-hour trail run, in a tank top. Glorious. Thanks, climate change. I'll pay you back in August. With interest.

  • 941 days ago via site
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The option we've all been waiting for. Well, some of us. HT

  • 961 days ago via site
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I have lately learned of the existence of the Tibetan Mastiff. Which looks like this:

  • 966 days ago via site
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Excerpt from Norway killer's insane rant in which he talks about killing journalists & writers. Beyond disturbing.

  • 1438 days ago via site
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Took the 30/70 odds. Then they took me: T-storms right on cue, on 1st of...4 metal bridges. Still: awfully pretty.

  • 1439 days ago via site
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  • 1462 days ago via site
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Too busy to read about an earlier Rapture debacle (http://bit.ly/kpVexJ)? A picture is worth a thousand words.

  • 1504 days ago via site
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Too busy to read about an earlier Rapture debacle (http://bit.ly/kpVexJ)? A picture is worth 1000 words.

  • 1504 days ago via site
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Just got the rather austere jacket for the Brazilian edition of BW. Someone was bound to do the backward R thing.

  • 1505 days ago via site
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Heartily sick of this, I must admit.

  • 1508 days ago via site
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The UK paperback of Being Wrong (out next month): a bit mind-altering-substance-meets-eye-exam, but I like it.

  • 1508 days ago via site
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Sometimes this writing-about-books thing doesn't look quite how you'd expect it to look.

  • 1509 days ago via site
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Candidate for largest bunch of kale ever to overwinter in a garden. Cat + entire picnic bench included for scale.

  • 1518 days ago via site
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