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Best cat pic ever. This is Delilah, who lives with , reclining on her friend Jen

  • 1142 days ago via site
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My desk, just now. Suck it up, office slaves ;) #freelance

  • 1162 days ago via site
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This is the thumbnail I got when I posted the Thatcher story to FB. Strangely appropriate, I feel

  • 1177 days ago via site
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Behold! Tomorrow's breakfast!

  • 1202 days ago via site
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Been playing with the LOLbuilder. This is a world-weary

  • 1209 days ago via site
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Hm. has her plotting look on her face. I am worried.

  • 1221 days ago via site
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Um, , you do know it's Brondesbury, not Brondsbury, as you have it on this map, right? #fail #oops

  • 1294 days ago via site
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Woot! My #Peston4DG t-shirt has arrived! Want one? http://goo.gl/f7Hwc

  • 1319 days ago via site
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So this was the Guardian's front page last night. Gratuitous use of pouting porn-style images, much?

  • 1343 days ago via site
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In honour of Bond's 50th anniversary, this is moi with the Aston Martin from Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace

  • 1361 days ago via site
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Somebody thinks the catflap is beneath her

  • 1376 days ago via site
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So, everyone on is either in their 30s and white - or a gorilla. Way to go, eHarmony.

  • 1378 days ago via site
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This is surely the best EVAR cat/Olympics picture. The kitteh is Spartacus, pic by his staff, Miriam Kimber

  • 1417 days ago via site
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Olympic spirit: is in intensive training for the snoozling event. Assured of a gold, I'd say

  • 1430 days ago via site
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My favourite pic from the #torchrelay as it passed the end of my road this afternoon.

  • 1433 days ago via site
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Thank you, . Yes, I know you're even more loveable when you're soaking wet.

  • 1448 days ago via site
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This from my family's albums, taken the 60s, judging by the cars, looking down the road to Stoneleigh

  • 1469 days ago via site
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Frock horror, or, please at least wear a nicer bra if you must show off your underwear on hot days. Kthnxbai.

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Great minds? #twitterserendipity

  • 1507 days ago via site
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Hm, not massively impressed by Cropolla ...

  • 1516 days ago via site
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