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Any ideas? I can buy other apps, but not this one.

WTF?!? There had better be little foot massaging fairies in this boot for that price!

Cool iPad case, but expensive.

Rooty Tooty Fresh N' Fruity lip balm. I bet that's a hot seller.

And now the cotton candy has arrived to finish off the night.

And now time for dessert.

And the filet has arrived.

Even my computer knows it's too cold out tonight!

New AC unit compared to what it replaced. I fully expect it to produce snow in the summer.

Lady Gaga at Tiffin booth #ces

Hoping to see a PlayBook today. #attces #ces

AT&T wireless data network evolution #attces

AT&T 4G plan #attces

First 3 AT&T 4G devices. #attces

With at the Summit.

I guess these are Shape-Up style shoes for the fat kids??? Can't the kids just go out and play?

That is a creepy kids toy.

Looks like Texas will be invaded by the Canadians on Thanksgiving :)

Checking out the sights in Hollywood

Who would've thought it was 70 proof? Kids, don't try this at home.