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Jack of many trades. Techie at @Majic955 @mix947austin @talk1370 @963rnb, keeper of the Taco Shack Scoreboard @FridayFanstand. Thoughts = mine, not employers.

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Really, ? There are some important races but this one could probably wait for 10p #distractinggraphics

Bad move, . Surely you have a transparent bug you could use. #cleangraphics

Working a double (or quadruple)… board op’ing on ahead of on .

Evil Republicans. Now the SQUIRRELS are ruining the Queen’s…… er, ’s garden! http://nypost.com/2013/10/14/squirrels-nuts-for-first-ladys-garden-during-shutdown/ #NOOOOOOO

think that's an ESPN glitch. It's clearly on the game stats...

Looking good right now RT : Time for some Brady, Edelman, and Gostkowski!!! #FantasyFootball

Ummm... , you're a little behind. #TwoHourOldNews #YouEvenAiredTheCrap

Getting the Thursday night groove going. #showtimetomorrow

I now remember why I chose IT as a vocation instead of painting. #itguyproblems #newstudioproblems

OH: "Our newest AE." #zing

Well, I won't be using THAT elevator for a while...

Well, THAT was an asshole move, .

Not the way I planned to start my day. If you hear any dead air on this is why. #ITguyproblems

Apparently now we get a disclaimer. #ThisIsWhyWeCantHaveNiceThings #BB15

Either there's gonna be a heat wave tonight or is being funny. #hatesummer

The spicy chicken I ordered is looking a little beefy today, . #drivethrufail

Apparently it's his couch, I just lay here.

'Merica. ((Would have posted earlier but AT&T's data network was a load of fail tonight.) #happy4th

Just us radio peeps and a few of our closest friends #happy4thofjuly

Apparently my nieces thought it appropriate to rip off DQ. Now they're part of my mother's kitchen set.