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Computer Science graduate student in Computer Graphics & Machine Learning at UBC

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I found the local maximum of the height function on St. Semour. I used gradient descent with some stochastic component :)

Downtown Vancouver being insane :) go canada w00t!!!

Unpleasant epiphany: All of Machine Learning reduced to a single diagram?

The send button on iPhones text message gui is a great example of design fail. Could it be any more closer to P?

4 hours of this... "Machine Learning". #fml

My wallet was getting heavy so I emptied it and found all this. That explains a lot...

10 scientists walk into a bar. Q natuarally arises: can candle flame melt salt? (melting pt of NaCl=800C) A: nope :(

What better thing to do at 2am than solve 20x20 cubes? Looks like only about 1 more hour to go!!

Got this for the family for xmas but they all abandoned me :( my visual cortex hurts :s

Coffee and paper time. Yay :)

Bubble battle at queen and dundas :))

Waiting to see transformers 2 yay!!!

There was an eagle outside the cs lounge today eating a mouse! Lol

Lol @ fire alarm in bahen!