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I think this may be the cooler thing to happen on my iPod. #lightning

Me just being a crack up at the laugh factory.

Inspector Spacetime in my dance studio this morning.

Bought myself some new toys because I'm super smart with my money.

Enjoying the season finale of #TheLifeabdTimesofTim they way any fan should.

My nephew handed me this and said "I made Abed out of Legos!" pretty good job hu?

Happy birthday to me love my mom on Facebook.

My sister is so kind to me on words with friends.

Fuck yeah. #SaddestFuckYeahEver

Creepiest move by a random opponent on words with friends ever.

I jut brutally murdered my cat.

My bread looks like a cat.

The direct literal translation of my dad y yo's salsa recipe. #CincodeMayo

yeah by this guy SAAM!!

Attention and Falpals. It's almost real!

I was worried my nephew was a nazi but then he explained it was K for Karina. That's what he says but battleships never been so antisemetic

My productive study space.

A dad with Tivas and all the kids with sketchers. I sense a dark past a lame and virginal future and a nerdy dim present.

How I can tell my asthmatic snack addicted slob of a sister has been around.

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