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Radio student | Producer, #FYCoDcast - http://t.co/92PLX2ys2R | Help run @fycod. | @CallOfDuty fan.

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Thanks for the laughs, guys! and a bunch of others!

LOL, #swag

Thanks for the generic feedback, I guess.

Plant outside the store looks gorgeous! I’ve never seen it THIS big! #GratefulWed

Doing radio tonight. Man, I love this so much.

This keyboard.

Supervisor: “If you were tired, you should’ve stayed sleeping.” Me:

This song is on the last level of Loli Chainsaw.

For - not sure if its local.

You might’ve said yesterday “$32 for pants?! Where the fuck did you bought them?!” Well…

UPDATE: Thread removed. Here’s a snap:

Compared to #MW3

Domination is slowly becoming my most played #BlackOps2 game mode. =)

I have a PS3.

I miss playing this song in MGO when I was Snake.

Ah, fun times…

Tank you ! :D

Uh, yeah?

I’m online. o.o

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