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Just finished 's ASOIAF b-day feast! Lamb pie (w/ Clegane banner), apple-honey-goatcheese tarts, leek & mushroom soup

Peek of what I was able to gather from the "Bad Teacher" trailers: Alternately titled: don't worry, it's just water.

Want to see what a cross between Justin Timberlake and Blake Griffin looks like? Yup, still have some work to do.

Awww yeahhhh! Got a few of my Amtrak Junior Conductor books in the mail today! They printed great! Expect a blog post this week!

The poster sneak peek I showed earlier for showed up wrong! Here are the TRUE COLORS:

Oh my gosh you guys, I just drew this cat and now I wish he were REAL and he was MY CAT. It's like elementary school all over again

Did everyone get their free donut from Dunkin' or Krispy Kreme today?? #nationaldonutday

I've done a 360 and now enjoy finalizing backgrounds first, THEN people. And yes, my sketch birds look like dumb airplanes

Man, I am pumped to put up this piece I bought from ! Super great!

Are there certain shapes or patterns that come easily to you while drawing? I could make these kinda shapes all day:

It's national draw 's Cat Rackham day! My shitty sketchbook contribution.

So speaking of lifestyle and fashion...here's a little corner of a map sketch that just got approved! Good news all around.

Let's start today's late-wake-up gloomy-day with some flowers, shall we? Good morning, pals.

Finally got some frames for my prints! (sharing my packed bedroom mantel with & prints & my jewelry)

For one of my sketches tonight, I drew a salmon brain forcefield. I hope it gets used.