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- I think needs to find something better to do with their life.

never have wanted Essendon to win as much as I do right now.

WTF - how do kids watch this crap? #creepy

'LIGHT AND BRIGHT APARTMENT' yeah... looks it.

Crawf pouting is one of the greatest things ever.

omg this is so cute.

this time next month!

how great

ily roughy!

oh my god

Best AFL meme yet!

how pretty :')


50 bucks for all games live on my phone, not bad, who needs foxtel!

go away plz xoxo

all these numbers are starting to hurt my head omg I just want to win the car ok


realestate.com is becoming part of my daily routine~

Some chick on Facebook just posted this... why do I know these people

omg look what I found hahaha would kill to see the cleaners reaction.