Kaitlyn Gemmill


I'm kaitlyn :) Follower of Jesus Christ! I'm also the BIGGEST duke fan in the worldd! :D #dukenation #piratenation

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trunk or treat 2011 duke style :D #amazing

trunk or treat 2011 #amazing :D

me and at the state fair! great day :D

CTC 2011: best night evveerr with !

goooood. haha look at this im so cool

hurricane Irene 2011

me and on the way back from the wilds..doin our team sign thingys :) #scarletknights > #emeraldknights ;)

hahaha I always bust out laughing when I see this

this thing scares me hahahaa

hey I got the same duke bag as you :D


only me and would try to take the worst possible pictures of ourselves


hahahaha this made me laugh..me and

yup! here haha I don't feel like typin them..theyre really good songs! wbu?

remember this ...

who you callin pinhead? haha

sportin my england shirt today! #royalwedding

here it is! I had already took a slice out of it haha

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