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21, Science student with passion for Entertainment, Comedy, Music and Politics! Kurdish Brit! Aspring Comedian/Actor/Presenter The Guy you need as a friend :D

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Lool the new look Kae

Who soils themselves?? And then walks home without shoes and trousers???!

Yo .

So finally 's book arrives after two weeks of waiting!

Yeah collect those silver medals...again.

HAHA look at what my friend sent me.

This valentines...every little helps

My friend has been spending too much time alone...pokemon is large though!!

So this is how nandos store food. Interesting.

but where's the dot ?? And its an arsenal shirt, this can never look good.

I saw this and I've decided I'm dropping out of uni!!

": show me that pic nowwwwww looooooooooool"

I love it when artists care about the artwork for their music

Yo is he related to u??

Having so much fun out here, was at 's 1xtra party. Maaaaad night. +

This is the funniest thing I've seen in a while #eastenders

. Who does that remind u of?!?!

What do I choose from to smell fresh today tweople??

#gym!! The #bra vs #por #worldcup

I'm supporting #england but brazil will never dissapoint. I'm getting an italia one too. #worldcup

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