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software engineer at @gnip. other stuff too.

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attention appreciators of the finest quality internet dog pics: #wetdog more here: http://www.mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs/wet-dog-sophie-gamand

holy hell this is going to take a while

how to ride bikes fast

I spy… /

part of Lefthand Canyon Drive completely wiped away #boulderflood (via )

hwy 36 coming up to 66 in Lyons. water was over the bridge but bridge still intact via #boulderflood

Hwy 7 wiped out 12 miles west of Lyons #boulderflood

this picture isn't worth a thousand words. "intervals hurt" and "ouch" are pretty much it. so 3 words then?

Got harassed by a car while riding up Sunshine. Took a GoPro pic but not enough detail to see license plate. #Boulder

awww c'mon itunes, can't you sell me one copy? just one? #oursecret

Dang. No treasure in south Boulder according to Google Maps. #aprilfools

up close action self-shot from #steamboat

word cloud built from my rides #climb

please fix http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RUBY-12966 these warnings pop-ups are a klunky nuisance

here's what Lance-related tweets look like over the past day: initial chatter, spike during the show, "the day after"

re-watching after 20+ years. this still makes me laugh. "he got his own milk carton!" /cc

another one. never get tired of that view.

pic from snowy trail ride a few days ago

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