Jerren Willis


Jerren Willis Photography (est. 2007). Texas A&M Alumnus. Engineer-slash-Photographer. Fitness. Maverick (no Dirk). James 1:19-20

Photos and Videos by @jwilphotos

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Idc idc idc. We handed y'all a fade at your own place.

"RT : We're giant killers. Thank You and Gig Em!!!" #NEVERFORGET

"RT : Now she looks like a man RT :


RT : So did the cowboys really lose or was I apart of inception last night? .. I'm just gonna leave this here

RT : "I likes ya and I wants ya. Now we can do this the easy way or the hard way." - Always relevant {

Just look this guy. Lol


wow you are OLDDDDD. You need one of these joints

check this out...

lol -->

found this photo...

nah she just went off


yeah she may have been 19, 20 in this shot.

hey I'm doing this for you lol

they're not as calloused as they used to be

I might have reacted if some 140 lb man tried to slap me. I would have launched him

Cul err...Team Natural gonna be mobbing on all u relaxer folks all weekend b. Better keep that head on a swivel or...

found this in my office. Was trying to see how it looked when printed.