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Ahhhhhhh having some Kobe steak and watching Kobe, yup!

Out at Irondequoit shooting the rock a little bit, first time on 6x6 in a while, been missing it.

Ummmm, wild turkey roaming the streets downtown!?!?


In honor of Money Mayweather's win tonight, a look at his fleet from a while back in Vegas.

This is off the chains, sorbet in their own natural shell, coconut, got'ummm.

Drawing up something, pretty sure they have no answers though

Wow, Kentucky is intimidating, oh my gosh.


2nd half.

Court side tickets, wow!! Cornell squad chilling at halftime.

Another shout out to Justin...STX Bionic fiddle stick and all.

My favorite camper ever, 6 year old Justin from Hamilton.

Cystic Fibrosis Dinner at the Arena.

Contemplating buying this for

Damn I didn't add the picture. My bad

Getting a pregame bite to eat with and watching the games

Came across this today, pretty serious tree house!

Hibachi, so good.

At the Sabres game, Sid the Kid doing work.

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