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Hey, remember when PM
Gillard had a cry over this depiction of her? I am on team .

The Government is utterly desperate to be seen announcing things, it seems. What “vision” they have. #springst

GREAT news, .

This is what I put up with. cc


These emails will soon become VERY confusing.

I have reserved you a place, .

Ten minutes and waiting. Only an Andrews Labor Government will remove this level crossing. #springst

The article, or paid advertisement? You decide.

. literally trying to buy #lgbti community support; doesn’t make his piece any less offensive.

This is a bit humiliating, really.


Brought to you by the communist wing of the Greens

Would this count as a form of direct voter contact? #thisislabor

Pretty big news from Texas. Stockman winning could have put the seat in play for Democrats. #TXSen

Justin Bieber. #ThisIsLabor

Well said #Springst