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@officialjaden,@justinbieber and @NICKIMINAJ are perfection ok

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me and mum met tigger,u jel

2 kl 4 u bby,goin 2 maccy d's in mii onsie yh x

Blowing up mum's birthday balloons yay

me,mum and tigger yay (this was ages ago so excuse the bad hair)

i met tigger when i was 6,be jel

my cat is licking me,omg helpppp

Aw JJ got me some chocolate to cheer me up ahah yay

ruby filled my phone with pictures of my cat because he looks chinese when you pull his ears back:((

Story of my life

I love x


is such a bully;)xx

yay going proper red tomorrow oooo

how many of you have been hacked by riley?..

the top oooosshh x

these are my shorts x

that's what I'll wear probs x

such a nice sight in sainsburys

#ThisIsWhyILove geordie shore