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In another life, I think I'd be a terrier.

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What the hell.


Well, I just died of happiness. Butterbeer Chapstick. Can life get any better after this? Thanks :)

I am way too excited about this.

Hi, guys. Meet Wormy.

Hahahah this made my day.

Well, it's a couple years late, but I FINALLY got my Hogwarts acceptance letter. Stupidest owl alive if it was lost for THAT long.

We're just waiting for the mail!

Hey, . If you don't look at this, I will be so disappointed.

Story of my life.



One day. One. Day. I swear.

Sorry kiddos, Santa died tonight. :\

Blasting the Harry Potter score. Halloweeeeennn.

This is what happens when someone gives us cupcakes.

This is bad. But it's also very good.

I would like this. In my bed. Sometime in the near future. I will tweet this repeatedly until it happens.

And this.


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