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Bro made me cereal. How sweet! :)

Nasi lemak at Changi Village! :D woohoo bring on the carbs!!

Siao zhabor 's nonstop spam on whatsapp in attempt to make my phone lag. Faaaaail muahahaha


My (epic fail) rainbow cake! As requested by hehehe :D

Meant to tweet this ytd but my phone died on me so anyways. Mighty yumtums dinner ytd! :D

Super haps day out with the family + ! Cold Stone lovin'!! ♥♥♥ :D

Current bb wallpaper: a picture of me and hahahhahaha :D

Goodies and bought me from HK! :D♥♥ missing already.. Sobsobs :(

Sugar high with :D

Lunch at Ricciotti! :D

Just what I needed to reward myself for mugging for the past weeks! :D

Presenting Pixiepuffs ☺ guilty of spending way too much time on it!

Crystal Jade dim sum for lunch. Major noms :D diet can wait!


Supper/bfast after poker. Boy oh boy I could REALLY get used to life like this.

So who's the biggest winner? Me me ME. Mwahahahhaha. Ok not really. It was the boyf. But yaaaa.

Making supper for the two boys I love most - little bro and the boyf :) ♥

LOL sammy shooo funnayz. Meh some girls should seriously learn to love and respect themselves.

's Medusa and my Ursula hahhahahaha

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