hi...I'm JUANYAE and I'm a state champion, junior at SHAWNEE MISSION WEST enjoying playing runningback TRILL RECOGNIZE TRILL #atb #WOLFPAC #2

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Best sister


Life is rough the struggle is real has a flip phone

This is a rachet back corner in yearbook class with their stripper music playing

is a multitasker

The struggle is real my boy is paying in change

I do it for the rachets,

Phhhaaaahhhaaahaha I got this rachet in my class.....(girls be like i) look like rihana

I must be tripping balls or something

(Big girls be like) the struggle is real I'm tryna get me exercise on ....

I do it for therachets #t/hestruggle

Always just passing out out of nowhere

": Bunch of pale hipster girls pretty but their booty flat #OF"what about

I do it for the rachets

Look at these dykes

Who the fuck just eat cheese.....