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The quality of this article has made me want to trash it before I even get started. #WhatDoYouSayToSomeoneThatStupid

This is where it happens… #macdev

I think someone is using some sample code to test out some fun things today

I was going to make a long winded response, instead I just broke it down on a whiteboard

The view from mine:

I don’t quite have 25˚C but I do have this:

From beautiful Costa Rica. #nofilter

#CostaRica, from my patio, today. Awesome sunset.

Yeah… that’s right.

You and me both!

Ok CTV news, this article is just confusing. You can’t skip from one story to another than back to the original.

Xcode’s being my buddy this morning. #devlife

If your lib has 2 classes, and 1 ends in er and the other in ing, but are otherwise the same… This may happen to you

I really hope this animates for you. :)

Ok Tweetbot, whatever you say.

What can I say, I like to live dangerously.

I really do enjoy mornings in Costa Rica. Never really did in Canada.

Apparently I’m a bit of a grumpy puss. /cc

I get it Twitter, move on.

I am disappointed with that 1-star review, not a single mention of the crocoduck.