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My anaconda don't want none because Nicki Minaj is awful

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See, because of the wordplay.

Sorry, Tina. :( :( :(

"Want to vote in New Hampshire but you've already passed away? Abra... cadaver! EEEEEEEE-HEE-HEE-HEE!!!"

Get it? Do ya get it?

Credit/blame goes to for the photo selection. All in good fun, !

'Tis the season...

Hey, remember that one?

From the Headlines I Wish I'd Written file...

I got sunshine on a cloudy day.

My sister just got a Black Lab rescue named Roscoe. Here he is helping me digest Thanksgiving dinner.

Obamacare = Obamajobkiller: http://thedc.com/tQgSLe Like I've been saying:

"My Pet Scapegoat..."

Wow, they don't just ActBlue, they TalkBlue!


Good morning, fellow townsfolk.

Good morning. This is for you.


Some mornings, it just all comes together...

I only wish this guy had been standing on a huge pile of trash bags. But you can't have everything.