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My anaconda don't want none because Nicki Minaj is awful

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It's a start.

Another good day. http://thedc.com/HhVxzP

More #NewTone.

And now, with some #NewCivility and #NewTone: .

If you ever start feeling sorry for yourself, just remember: at least you don't work at Media Matters!

If anybody knows how much it sucks to be a pedestrian in DC, it's me. But there are benefits too.

The wit and wisdom of , the de facto leader of the Democratic Party.

I think it's working, .

Not bad for a day's work.



Liberal cognitive dissonance is your best entertainment value.

If Media Matters really wants to blame the pathetic sales of The Fox Effect on the , fine by me.

In case 's view of the world is still unclear, she thought this was worth retweeting:

I'm preserving this.

This is why we're winning.

What kind of person uses a man's death to passive-aggressively trash another dead man? A kind of person.

I can't believe it.

I believe that children are our future. And it scares me.