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And here's another look at the lovely incision.

Here's the burst seroma. The doc is giving me some antibiotics.

Here's my knee one week after surgery. Despite appearances, it's healing nicely.

Here's where a huge seroma on the side of my knee burst and soaked the bandages.

Another angle on the new incision that the surgical resident was nice enough to take.

Here's where the anesthesiologist tried and failed to put in my IV.

And here's what the incision looks like, if you're at all interested.

My leg is in something called an Aircast.

Don't worry about congratulating yesterday's rally attendees. They're way ahead of you!

Good luck with that, kid...

Gotta take your lulz where you can get 'em...

The view from the office I now share with . We think this might be THE Caribou Coffee everybody's talking about.

Via , here's why newspapers shouldn't publish bloggers' raw RSS feeds.

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My leg looks even weirder when I'm standing up.

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This is what my left leg looks like this morning.

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For the people who want up-to-date knee pics. If you don't want to look at it, don't click it.

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I got this from my crutches. Honest. No, seriously!

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Where's the fire? Our office, apparently...

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Cue porno music...

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Here's the ol' knee, getting ready for some PT. Tee-hee.

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