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Vice President for Communications at the Texas Public Policy Foundation. To quote José Antonio Navarro: I will never forsake Texas or her cause. I am her son.

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And just for the history books, here's a screenshot of going full Nazi:

David Brotsky () flies into a fury every time his sockpuppets are publicly discussed. It's all he has.

Rotunda of the original 17th-century Basilica de la Virgen de Guadalupe.

. and to reinforce it, here's a pic I took of the Mexico City construction boom last year.

Geektool makes the OS X desktop lovely and utilitarian.

Sundown on the Brazos sure is pretty.

In an exchange with , 's case against DeMint immediately collapses into Gnosticism.

My office wall: B-17s, valiant failed campaigns, world history, and Texas at its proper size.

David Brotsky () fulminates via his sockpuppet account. Bonus angry misspellings.

Yep. Happy weekend.

In the shadow of the ancestors.

Since this fighting began, has RTed just one account. Congratulations .

Not actually civilian qua civilian, NYT. This is disgraceful stuff.

This could only be better if emitted a cloud of ink before squirting away.

Abhorrent and stupid: Biden advisor blames Ft Hood massacre on . Donald Rumsfeld:

Opinions are divided.

Pretty much the best coincidental near-simultaneous tweets ever.

This is actually someone's house in Manassas, Virginia.

Okay , so you're "temporarily closed" for the next four years?

Even Facebook is getting into the Empty Chair thing.