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Vice President for Communications at the Texas Public Policy Foundation. To quote José Antonio Navarro: I will never forsake Texas or her cause. I am her son.

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Meta, brought to you by .

Republicans with little influence in present-day GOP sign amicus brief. But it's for gay marriage, so NYT TOP STORY:

What were they doing in May 1979? Making dreams, my friend. Making dreams.

Well-off white Austin liberals are some of the most ridiculous people on the planet.

I took this photo of Pope Benedict XVI and Patriarch Bartholomew I on 30 Nov 2006 in Istanbul.

The champ.

It's a mystery why the New Atheists don't meet with more popular success.

It's a mystery why the New Atheists don't meet with more popular success.

HuffPo still shaming itself, badly, on the women-in-combat story. This is a disgrace.

Configuration of CrunchBang Linux on the MacBook proceeds apace.

I asked if he would judge me in the spirit of 's "Newt Judges You," and --

No, Barack Obama isn't an object of a cult, why do you ask?

And here we are under the skin of one .

Again, I say: Battlestar Galactica for Ladies. QED.

Non, je ne regrette rien about old school Civ4 at 1:08am.

This banner ad seems fairly remote from Ain't It Cool News readership concerns.

The social-media team at is proud of its anti-gun-show absurdity. (Ref. )

Pushing cretinous bigot to the margins was a small but pleasing 2012 achievement.

Texas classic: I didn't know there was a different "Night Before Christmas" until about the sixth grade.

David Brotsky's () old sockpuppet is now , and he is using it to express! his! rage!